Welcome to {Marathi} Gudi Padwa SMS Messages & Images for Happy Gudi Padwa 2015 in Hindi – Gudi Padwa is an Indian festival, mostly celebrated in Maharashtra. Also there is Ugadi Festival celebrating in india ! Enjoy Happy Ugadi Messages, Images also enjoy Marathi Happy Gudi Padawa SMS For Free.

Gudi Padwa can be best enjoyed with family and close friends. Spread the Gudi Padwa good spirit and share joys. Hope this New Year brings a magical touch to your life, and pampers you with a lot of healthy food! Don’t miss this opportunity of sending warm wishes to your near and dear ones. Happy Gudi Padwa 2015 to everyone out there! Gudi Padvyachya Shubheccha!

Happy Gudi Padawa 2015


It is also celebrated in other parts of India with other traditions. Gudi Padwa is marked as beginning of Marathi New Year, which starts on First day of Chaitra month according to Hindu calendar. Gudi Padwa is also known as ‘Chaitra Shukla Pratipada’. The festival celebrated with great enthusiasm and passion by Marathi peoples. Gudi Padwa is firstly celebrated by Shivaji Maharaj as a symbol of Victory, and welcome to New Year and Gudi as a ‘Vijay Dhwaj’. People followed this tradition to celebrate Gudi Padwa by raising Gudi (Stick) at the front of the house or near the door.

Marathi Gudi Padwa SMS Messages & Images


Marathi Gudi Padwa SMS Messages & Images – Now day’s people celebrate Gudi Padwa by attending cultural festivals and wearing traditional cloths. People wish each other’s by meeting or sending wishes messages on mobile. If you are also searching for Marathi Gudi Padwa SMS Messages or Marathi Happy Gudi Padwa SMS in Hindi then you are on right place here we shared Happy Gudi Padwa Messages in Hindi / Marathi and 2015 Happy Gudi Padwa Images with Written Messages.

Happy Cheti Chand , Happy Ugadi 2015

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Happy Gudi Padwa SMS, Messages in Hindi

Happy Cheti Chand , Happy Ugadi 2015

“नया दिन
“नई” सुबह
“नई” उम्मीदें
“नई” की योजना
“नई” सफलता
“नई” भावनाओं
“नई” खुशियाँ
“गुड़ी पड़वा” बधाई

प्रकाश की एक नई किरण
आपके रास्ते में आ रही सफलता की एक नई शुरुआत
आप सबसे अच्छा जीवन की पेशकश कर सकता काश
यह विशेष गुड़ी पड़वा दिवस पर
गुड़ी पड़वा।

2015 Gudi Padwa Images with Written Messages

Memories of moments celebrated together……. Moments that have been attached in my heart, forever……. Make me Miss You even more this Gudi Padwa. Hope this Gudi Padwa brings in Good Fortune & Abounding Happiness for you! HAPPY Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa Marathi SMS For Facebook

Happy Cheti Chand , Happy Ugadi 2015

Ubhara Gudi
Sukha samrudhichi
Suravat Karuya
Navin Varshachi,
Visru Ti Swapne
Vatchal Karuya
Navin Ashechi

Swagat navin varshache,
Asha aakankshache,
Sukh samruddhiche,
padata dwari paaul gudhiche.
{Happy Gudi Padwa}

Gudi Padwa Marathi Messages For Whatsapp

Soneri suryachi soneri kirne,

Soneri kirnancha soneri diwas

Soneri diwasachya Soneri Shubhechha!

{*Gudi padvyachya Hardik Shubhechha*}


चंदनाच्या काठीवर
शोभे सोन्याचा करा,
साखरेची गाठी आणि
कडुलिंबाचा तुरा,
मंगलमय गुढी
ल्याली भरजरी खण
स्ने्हाने साजरा
करा पाडव्याचा सण
गुढी पाडव्याच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा